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About me

In my early twenties, I moved to New York City for five years. The fact that the whole world is at home in this melting pot still inspires me to this day and makes me return again and again to this pulsating and crazy metropolis. Ten years later, for private reasons, I moved back to the US for four years, this time to Northern California, first to the Sierra Nevada Foothills, and finally to San Francisco.


Already in New York and San Francisco, I was in love with street art! It's fast, direct, constantly changing and it brings artists, institutions, and the public together.


In the US and Germany, I initially worked in the creative industry, later in the cultural sector creating many connections between companies and artists. For example, I worked in New York as an account executive for the advertising agency Kirshenbaum and Bond. At the art association Intersection for the Arts, I worked in the Community Outreach Department to cultivate relationships with companies, individuals, and other relevant organizations in the district and implemented projects together with these interest groups. During my time at the foundation Stiftung Kultur Palast Hamburg, I was responsible for the development of international collaborations and the acquisition of funding. As Executive Director at Amerikazentrum Hamburg e.V., I was also in charge of marketing and PR measures as well as program planning and implementation. 


The projects often address issues and artistic positions that relate to current social issues. My motivation has always been to make artistic and cultural topics visible to the public and to touch people.

Über mich
Podcast Interview mit Dirk Hildebrand von den radioEXPERTEN - 08/19
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