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Urban Art Projects Anchor

Urban Art transforms facades into great works of art and can inspire and excite people. When a mural responds to the needs of the community, it can have an identity-forming effect.


Urban art is not only a visual experience, but also a way to respond to current issues and opens up new perspectives for your company to connect with the community. 


Urban artists work with spray cans, stencils, brushes and rollers – with an individual concept to implement your design. Of course our artists can also create art for the interior of your property as well as design innovative advertisements.


As a bridge builder between the real estate business and the art and culture scene, I support and facilitate the collaboration between client and artist, creating synergies to ensure a smooth process from project start to the completed mural.

Do you have an idea for a project or any questions? Feel free to send me an email at or call me at +49 (0)151 5257 2327.

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