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URBAN ART CULTURE CAMP XXL with the students of Winterhuder Reformschule

WallofWinterhude Fade-1.jpg

We approached the Winterhuder Reformschule (WiR) in Hamburg in the summer of 2021 with the idea of designing their 144 square meter white gymnasium wall facing the schoolyard. The cultural agent working there and the teachers from the renowned WiR cultural team were immediately enthusiastic about our project idea. 


In late summer of 2022, 25 students from the cultural upper school profiles, together with the teachers, the urban artist TASEK and me, developed various ideas and design concepts for the wall.


The three-week URBAN ART CULTURE CAMP also provided insights into architecture, urban art, fine art and urban development, and a trip to the documenta rounded off this intensive project.


The design "IDYLLE" by the students Jamie Ertin, Mattis Peters and Luis Rauner was chosen as the winner as part of a large-scale participation campaign in which the entire school public voted and in May 23 a group of high school students and graduates applied the design to the wall under the guidance of the artist TASEK.


“IDYLLE” shows the school grounds and the surrounding Jarrestadt in the center - marked as a risk area on the city of Hamburg's official flood hazard map. While the people of Winterhude feel safe, waves are already piling up on the right and left - climate change and global problems threaten to shatter the idyll.

Check out the video by Martin and Benedict D'Costa which documents the design of the wall. 

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A big thank you for a great collaboration!                                 

The participating students of the cultural upper school program WiR KULTURELL

Project-leading teachers: Lena Suhrbier, Marie Kronauer, Kirsten Bremehr

Artistic direction: TASEK

Cultural agent: Matthias Vogel

Film: Martin and Benedict D'Costa (Dschungelfilm)


Lead partner KULTURAGENT*INNEN HAMBURG e.V, supported by the project fund "Kultur & Schule" 2022 & 2023.


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