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About me

I lived in the US for over 10 years, mostly in New York City and San Francisco where I became fascinated with urban art. It is fast-paced, constantly changing, and it is accessible to everyone, moves generations and cultures, and creates social dialogue.


In collaboration with select artists, I have curated murals on building walls, schoolyards, bridge abutments, etc. It is always important to me that the mural is in sync with the environment and its surrounding community. In school projects I have worked with young students bringing their ideas and designs under the guidance of an artist to the wall themselves. Thus, the public space becomes a voice for their thoughts and ideas.


Projects often take up artistic positions that, if desired, can also relate to your company or current social issues. My motivation is to make artistic and cultural topics visible to the public and thus inspire people.


Previous experience


I have worked in the United States and Germany in the creative and cultural sectors, and have created many connections between companies and artists. In New York, for example, I worked as an account executive at the advertising agency Kirshenbaum & Bond. At Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco, I worked in the Community Outreach Department cultivating relationships with businesses and relevant organizations to implement projects. At the foundation Kultur Palast Hamburg, I was responsible for developing international collaborations and grant acquisition. As Executive Director at Amerikazentrum Hamburg e.V., I managed all marketing and PR activities as well as program planning and implementation. 


The expertise and the many contacts I gained during these interesting positions I now bring to my Urban Art projects. 

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