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The idea for this exhibition came about through the mutual love of New York shared by the Mannheim based photographer Horst Hamann and myself. It combined skateboards with Horst's photography, film from his son Mateo and the sounds of New York from his second son Paolo. The exhibition became an audiovisuell overall experience. Two generations of an artist family played with different means of expression and a common leitmotif: Think Vertical!

The audience, including many representatives of the Hamburg skateboard scene, was happy about having a New York atmosphere in the middle of Hamburg and was fascinated by the crazy decks of some skateboard legends. Among the highlights was the 9/11 memorial deck Never Forget, which Horst Hamann - together with the legendary Zoo York company - brought out shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center.



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HH-1 TV report on SHUT IN ZOO YORK, Fall 2018

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